Top 10 Celebrities Promoting Cryptocurrencies


Celebrities promoting blockchain or cryptocurrency

We know more about celebrities today than ever before thanks to social media. Be it actors or athletes, musicians or tech gurus, we all have our favourites just a click away. What you may not know is that some celebrities have jumped on the cryptocurrency train, and have been actively promoting them. The number of […]

MinerGate Announces Partnership with Freewallet


Minergate and Freewallet partnership

MInerGate mining pool is pleased to announce a partnership with Freewallet. MinerGate has gathered the best minds to focus on developing high-end mining solutions, and we are in a constant search for new tools that will allow our miners both to earn more and to save more. The introduction of off-chain microtransactions is a logical […]

The Most Intriguing Blockchain Projects


blockchain projects

Many big companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola have announced interesting blockchain projects using this decentralized ledger technology. So now, both large companies and individuals alike are inspired by blockchain technology. Novice developers are intrigued by how this new technology will further their life’s passions while companies attempt to fill the voids and flaws of […]

Biggest Mining Farms Ever: Switzerland, USA, Australia


industrial mining

We’ve all heard about Bitcoin and how people would just mine it from home with their laptop or desktop, years ago when it all started. Everyone’s heard of the guy who bought a pizza for 23 Bitcoin, right? And not so long ago, makeshift “mining farms” started popping out from almost under the floorboards. It […]

What is IOTA (MIOTA) coin?



The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most promising new changes to the technological world in years. But what this technology lacked was a secure backbone to ensure micro-transactions between machines could be handled properly. This is exactly the problem that the founders of IOTA (MIOTA) coin intend to solve by combining two […]

The Lightning Network Explained


Bitcoin Lightning Network Explained

The Lightning Network or “Lightning” is basically a payment protocol that runs atop a blockchain (primarily for Bitcoin network), and is added as a kind of the second layer in order to process more transactions and eliminate mining fees. It does so by settling a transaction before it’s published on the blockchain. The reason for […]

What is a Decentralized Application or DAPP?


DApp or Decentralized Application

Introduction to DApps You’ve likely seen the news of many Fortune 100 companies looking into Decentralized Applications, otherwise known as DApps.  Why are developers of so many top companies suddenly excited about DApps? Well, they are based on the blockchain technology, which provides the infrastructure for a new and innovative market of decentralized, open, and […]